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Leslie Pierson, 206-371-4647,

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Bold Maid is one part Kickstarter and one part social movement. Launching as part of Women's History Month (March), Bold Made is a remake of the classic game Old Maid but without the sexism of avoiding the older woman deemed too old to marry.  

Bold Made flips the script on this outdated game and include bold women who made huge impacts on our world and has a more aspirational goal of ending the game with the Bold Made card.  

Bold Made was created by Alex age 9 (who sold $1m last year on Amazon with his Kickstarter launched Taco vs Burrito) and his mom Leslie Pierson (as seen on Shark Tank with her Kickstarter launched product GoodHangups).
Other Info:
  • Company based in Seattle and is called Hot Taco Inc
  • Games created include Taco vs. Burrito & Bold Made
  • Alex Butler is 9 and Leslie Pierson is 50
  • Alex was 4 when Leslie did her Kickstarter to solve the problem of how to display and change out his artwork. (and he can be seen in the Kickstarter video for GoodHangups)
  • Alex was 7 when he came up with the card game Taco vs Burrito and did his first Kickstarter raising $24K in 30 days and doing 2400% of his goal.
  • Alex sold over $1m worth of Taco vs Burrito last year on Amazon alone and has more games in the works.
  • Alex challenged Leslie to make a better version of Old Maid after getting tired of hearing hearing her complain about how sexist Old Maid is to anyone who ever mentions Old Maid.  
  • They teamed up and Leslie worked on the base game and Alex made sure the advanced game play was super fun for older kids and adults.

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Bold Women included in Bold Made will be chosen by our community where each person can vote and suggest new women for the game.

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